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Full Package

My ceremony packages are designed to suit the size and style of your ceremony whilst reflecting your unique circumstances.

(renewal of vows)

Reaffirm your love and commitment for one another by renewing your marriage vows, either privately or publicly, and by saying "I do" again

Naming Ceremonies


Infant Naming

An informal occasion, gathering friends and family together to celebrate the birth and naming of your child

First Birthday Naming

Usually the centrepiece of a much wider family event, often part of your child's first birthday celebration.

Adult Re-Naming

A very special way of celebrating your renaming and the new beginnings it brings.


An adoption ceremony is a great way to welcome your new child into your family and celebrate getting through the arduous adoption process.

Pet Naming

Pets can be such valued companions. Getting a new pet, bringing it home, training and getting to know it, giving it a new name, is always exciting. 

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